Kingsway Primary School

Kingsway Primary School

After School Clubs

We have a variety of clubs and activities that take place after school for children in Key Stages One and Two. The clubs on offer change every half-term and we aim to invite children to attend at least one club each year. 

The table below lists the current activities taking place after school.

Club Name Club Leader Year Group Location Start Date End Date Start Time End Time
Monday Gymnastics Sports Coaches KS1 School Hall 04/11/19 09/12/19 3.15 4.30
Choir Teacher Mixed Classroom 16/09/19 N/a 3.15 4.30
Tuesday Football Sports Coaches Year 2 Outside (weather permitting) 05/11/19 10/12/19 3.15 4.30
Cookery Learning Assistants Cross School Kitchen Sept 2019 July 2020 3.15 4.30
Arts Council Teacher Cross School Classroom 24/09/19 Christmas 2019 3.15 4.30
Wednesday Dance Competition Group Higher Level Learning Assistants


Years 3 & 4






March 2020




Thursday Tag Rugby Sports Coaches KS2 Outside (weather permitting) 07/11/19 12/12/19 3.15 4.30
Dance Sports Coaches KS2 Dining Hall 07/11/19 12/12/19 3.15 4.30
Musical Theatre Teacher Cross School School Hall 19/09/19 Christmas 2019 3.15 4.30


Don't forget that as well as activities offered by school, there are also a variety of clubs and activities on offer in the local community. Some of the activities on offer are listed below.

Flyer advertising the "Electric" club at Junction.


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