Kingsway Primary School

Kingsway Primary School

Mental Health Awareness

Kingsway's School Development Plan for 2019-20 is referred to as CHAMPS:

The "H" component of this plan stands for HEALTH with a specific focus on Mental Health. Whilst awareness of well-being is embedded in everyday school life at Kingsway, we also have days and weeks when we focus on specific aspects of mental health awareness.


There are many child and parent friendly resources available on the internet. The sillylimbic website has both child and parent resources. 


Poster with suggestions of how you can encourage and nurture your child's mental health


Poster of helpful Tips to support your child


Poster of self-Care and Support Tips

Poster of Sources of Stress

GIF of self care and support

Mental Health Awareness Day Autumn 2018

With a focus on increasing awareness of feelings, each class produced artwork to raise the profile of mental health among children and adults.





Children's Mental Health Week 2018-19

 Children's Mental Health Week took place 11th-15th February 2019. This focus week was launched with a special assembly led by the school's Mental Health Heroes (the School Council). Other activities included:

  • A compliment's jar in each classroom to encourage children to write positive comments about each other
  • Drop-in-Session for children to talk to the Mental Health Heroes about any worries they may have
  • A special assembly on the Friday for each class to share the collaborative music they have created